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Heavy Duty Trailed Offset Disc Harrow

Heavy Duty Trailed Offset Disc Harrow
(Compact Model)


AGROVISION Trailed Heavy Duty Offset Disc Harrow trails behind the tractor and because of heavy design and weight can effectively break up heavy clods. And when green manure, trash or other surface growth is cross-disced, the organic matter is effectively buried and mixed with the soil and decays rapidly into humus. The harrow has a strong and sturdy main frame with high quality steel discs and heavy- duty graded cast iron spools to provide centre weight. Optional wheels can be provided for towing on road.

» AGROVISION "MOUNTED HEAVY DUTY TANDEM DISC HARROW (COMPACT MODEL)" used in open farm workings for the superficial ploughing, for the shatter of clods, preparation of soil for sowing, burial of organic substances and remains.
» To air the soil and eliminate the weeds.
» For breaking the roots.
» It can be used in light and medium soil.
» High quality Boron steel discs.
» Easily transportable-as it gets easily attached and mounted.
» Maintenance is easy but need not to be scheduled.
FRAME 100x100mm Square Box Frame 100x100mm Square Box Frame 100x100mm Square Box Frame
GANG BOLT 32mm Central square Solid Bar With Split Gangs 32mm Central square Solid Bar With Split Gangs 32mm Central square Solid Bar With Split Gangs
LENGTH 1875 mm 1875 mm 1875 mm
WIDTH 1875 mm 2100 mm 2325 mm
NO. OF DISCS 16 18 20
TYPE OF DISC Notched(Front/Rear)Plane Optional Notched(Front/Rear)Plane Optional Notched(Front/Rear)Plane Optional
DISC DIAMETER 560 mm 560 mm 560 mm
WIDTH OF CUT 1775 mm 2000 mm 2250 mm
DISTANCE BETWEEN DISCS 225mm 225mm 225mm
BEARING HUBS 8 with Taper Roller Bearing 8 with Taper Roller Bearing 8 with Taper Roller Bearing
ALL OVER HEIGHT 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm
REQUIRED POWER HP 50 Hp & Above 70 Hp & Above 80 Hp & Above
APPROX. WEIGHT 750 Kg. 850 Kg. 950 Kg.
NOTE:-The contents of this website are only giving information to the end user without engagement from our side. The company can modify specifications of the total machine and it’s components without any previous notice.


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